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The only way that I travel from Khuul is by silt stider, but Seldus Nerendus does not travel to Ald Velothi. It you need to go there I recommend going to Gnisis by stider and then approash Ald Velothi from the south. There are some Daedric ruins directly between Khuul and Ald Velothi that I would not choose to pass even with an escort. There was a report not long ago about a woman abducted by cultists and taken to Ashalmawia.

Nelmyne Andules, Khuul

LGNPC Khuul Walkthrough

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The Disappearance of Blerndt
Khuul's Black Market


*The Disappearance of Blerndt

Quest offered by Aldi (located in Aldi's Shack in Khuul). Speak with her on the topic 'Blerndt' (introduced through the topic 'latest rumors'. The quest is not available until the player is at least tenth level. Initiated through the topic 'latest rumors' by three different NPCs. Almost every NPC in Khuul has something to add so do not be too quick to form a conclusion. There are multiple pathways to complete the quest.

*Khuul's Black Market

Quest offered by Redoran Guard (located in Khuul exterior). Speak with him on the topic 'black market' (introduced through the topic 'latest rumors' by other NPCs). The quest is not available if The Disappearance of Blerndt is active. There are multiple pathways and resolutions to the quest.