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It is located at the west end of town by the city gate. It is a remarkable service - a quick, safe and comparatively inexpensive method of travel in Vvardenfell. We never had anything like that in Highrock.

Merthierry Laelippe, Ald'ruhn

Below is the chart of all the finest writers and artists who helped us bring Morrowind to life. If you want to join the team, just contact us.

Name Cities worked on Activity Position Work Example
Dark Master All Active Founder, Advisor Braynas Hlervu
Cyrano Ald'ruhn - Vivec Active Leader, Writer, CS Worker Shashev
James Oakley aka Ostar Pelagiad, Vivec, Redoran Active Writer, CS Worker Indarys Manor, Farusea Salas
Princess Stomper Pelagiad - Vivec Active Writer Ladia Flarugrius
Cytherene Vivec Active Writer Rolasa Oren
Miriamel Vivec Active Writer Idonea Munia
Zeravus Vivec Active Writer Letreius Muco
Morthe --- Active Writer ---
Emma --- Active Writer ---
Arslan --- Active Writer ---
Cardboard Box --- Active Writer ---
Earth Wyrm Vivec Active Writer Murkub gro-Ushul
Max Shawabkeh Khuul - Vivec Inactive Leader, Coder, Jack of All Trades Dralas Gilu, Tel Mora Poster
Gren Pelagiad Inactive Writer, Editor Hrordis
Wrye Seyda Neen, Khuul Inactive Writer, Editor ---
Gravy Pelagiad Inactive Editor ---
Beliarsclew --- Inactive Web Designer The Old Web Site
Soujourner Khuul Inactive CS Worker ---
Syphon Maar Gan, Hla Oad Inactive Artist Maar Gan Poster
Byblos Khuul Inactive Artist Khuul Poster
Creepyfellow Vivec Inactive Writer Agrippina Herennia
Harry Manback Vivec Inactive Writer Raig
John 'The Wingless' Burnett Ald'ruhn - Pelagiad Inactive Writer Bolvyn Venim, Madres Navur
Rane Ald'ruhn Inactive Writer Edwinna Elbert
FofA Ald'ruhn Inactive Writer Dandera Selaro
Dak Hamee Ald'ruhn - Pelagiad Inactive Writer Heem La
A.T. Hapa (IXth) Pelagiad Inactive Writer Adanja
DasHogg Pelagiad Inactive Writer Erval
Ekira Pelagiad Inactive Writer Nelos Onmar
Sanity Is Overrated Pelagiad Inactive Writer Mebestien Ence
PersianPaladin Gnaar Mok - Tel Mora Inactive Writer Garisa Llethri
JesterKing Maar Gan - Ald'ruhn Inactive Writer Dilvene Venim
Wolvie Ald'ruhn Inactive Writer Aryni Orethi
Dream Ald'ruhn Inactive Writer Vonden Mano
OldeCow Ald'ruhn Inactive Writer Mivanu Andrelo
Girdag Fireskull Ald'ruhn Inactive Writer Darvam Hlaren
Bl4k3 Ald Velothi - Maar Gan Inactive Writer Garry
Beornica Khuul - Ald'ruhn Inactive Writer Helga
Arno Khuul Inactive Writer Thongar
Cryptic Ald'ruhn Inactive Writer Navam Veran
Oldmanbob Maar Gan - Ald'ruhn Inactive Writer Sedris Omalan
Fable Maar Gan Inactive Writer Alds Baro
Amberfire Ald'ruhn Inactive Writer Mondros Balur
Flyspeck Ald'ruhn Inactive Writer Nathryne Uvelas
Hairy Lee Ald'ruhn Inactive Writer Bolvyn Venim
Akatosh Ald'ruhn Inactive Writer Hoki
Monolith Ald'ruhn Inactive Writer Tauryon
Orange Trash Face Ald'ruhn Inactive Writer Ilmiril
Kashaaz Ald'ruhn Inactive Writer Novor Gorvas
Dope Hat Man Ald'ruhn Inactive Writer Cienne Centieve(?)
Prince Of Shadows Ald'ruhn Inactive Writer Goras Andrelo
Gina Ald'ruhn Inactive Writer Hanarai Assutlanipal
Freestyle Ald'ruhn Inactive Writer Ano Vando
Iudmin Ald'ruhn - Pelagiad Inactive Writer Tuls Valen