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The indigenous people of Vvardenfell, the Ashlanders, are nomadic hunters and gatherers. They live off the bounty that the land freely gives. That is why so little of the land that traditionally belonged to the Ashlander tribes is not under cultivation.

Merthierry Laelippe, Ald'ruhn

LGNPC Ald'ruhn Walkthrough

This walkthrough covers only the new quests offered through the LGNPC Ald'ruhn Supplement and not any quests offered in the original LGNPC Ald'ruhn installment. In time as the latter's content is slowly replaced by the former this walkthrough will be expanded to include new quests as well as and earlier quests incorporated from the original installment.

Hovering the mouse over the blank area below each quest name will reveal details to aid the completion of the quest.

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The Alchemist's Apprentice
The Care Package
The Eye of Marusa
Field of Dreams


*The Alchemist's Apprentice

Quest offered by Tauryon (located in Ald'ruhn plaza) if the player offers Tauryon some food. The backstory of the quest unfolds through the topic 'all my own doing', but the quest is advanced through the topic 'rejoin the Mages Guild'. If the player advices Tauryon to speak with Edwinna Elbert the quest will close quietly and happily in a few days. Should the player speak with Edwinna Elbert on behalf of Tauryon the quest will close nearly as fast, but thereafter Tauryon will offer the player a service for his/her kindness. There are numerous delays in the quest representing when Tauryon is speaking with Edwinna Elbert for running errands that he will not appear in Ald'ruhn. Much of the action is triggered by cell changes so come and go and wait at least a day.

*The Care Package

Quest offered by Fathusa Girethi (located in the Ald Skar Inn). The quest is not available until after the player has completed the official quest House Hlaalu: The Twin Lamps. Introduced by the topic 'Twin Lamps' and advanced through the topic 'two escaped slaves'. Boderi Farano (the publican in the Ald Skar Inn) will have all the goods the player requires. Mind Fathusa Girethi's directions to Randas Ancestral Tomb - the player has only two days to complete the quest successfully.

*The Eye of Marusa

Available to Thieves Guild members only.

Quest offered by Tongue-Toad (in The Rat In The Pot) only after the player has a sneak and security skill of at least 40, and not of great rank in the Thieves Guild. The quest is advanced through the topic 'Eye of Marusa' and will be offered if the player is not already performing a quest for Aengoth the Jeweler. Activating the wall panel in the bedroom of Ramoran Private Quarters will reveal the wall safe. The player would do well to honor his/her agreement with Tongue-Toad. Save your game before deciding to cross him.

*Field of Dreams

Quest offered by Merthierry Laelippe (located in the Ald Skar Inn). The topic 'forced to leave' introduced through the topic 'background' provides the backstory for the quest, but the quest is advanced through the topic 'opportunities for farmers'. Every settlement will have something to offer on the topic, but only Gnisis and Vos will present eligible opportunities. After making his choice, Merthierry Laelippe will be moved to his new home. If the player visits him in either Gnisis or Vos it may yield small dividends.


Quest offered by Aryni Orethi (located in Ald'ruhn plaza) introduced by the topic 'background' and advance through the topic 'Inta' if Aryni Orethi likes the player. Speak with Navam Veran (the caravaner in Ald'ruhn) to get the quest moving (requires high disposition). People in most settlements in the West Gash will have something to say on the topic, but the player will pick up Inta Orethi's trail in Balmora. Speak with Selvil Sareloth (the caravaner in Balmora). The trail will lead the player to Molag Mar, where Inta Orethi can eventually be found in St. Veloth's Hostel a few days after the player's arrival - be patient, see the sights. Speak with Inta Orethi and then return to Ald'ruhn to close the quest with Aryni Orethi. Repeated visits to Molag Mar will chronicle Inta Orethi's progress through the Pilgrimages of the Seven Graces (advanced through the topic 'my pilgrimage'). She will not advance far until the player assists her by providing a silver longsword as an offering at one of the shrines. Each pilgrimage takes a few to several days to complete during which Inta Orethi will not appear in St. Velothi's Hostel. When she returns she may be in a different part of the Hostel. Should the player choose to escort Inta Orethi to Ghostgate, a journey through Ald'ruhn will yield a small treat. Eventually Inta Orethi will be reassigned to the Maar Gan shrine.