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The Hairat-Vassamsi Egg Mine used to be a good source of food and work for Maar Gan until it was infected by the blight and had to be closed and locked. An earlier attempt to cleanse it failed because the source of the infection could not be found. The queen died and the colony never became healthy again. We locked the door to keep people out, since the kwama have their own tunnels. But recently we discovered something that could change that for good.

Saryn Sarothril, PAX Redoran

This mod was created by one of our members, Ostar, with invaluable assistance from Cyrano. Some points of interest include:

Only a Redoran Player will get everything out of this mod. However any race or House can also use it, since there are only two quests totally off-limits to non-Redoran PCs. And unless the Redoran NPCs dislike you, you will hear most of their unique dialogue.