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That Girl! And she calls herself a clothier! Even a "fine" clothier! If she didn't receive all that money when her father died she would be a pauper! I'll tell you as a friend, she buys all the clothes from me. I can't tell her to go because she pays well, and I need money. All that sewing gear in her shop has never even been used! Well, if you think of it she isn't that bad or mean. Just unhonest.

Bevene Releth, Ald'ruhn

This mod was created by one of our members, Ostar, with invaluable assistance from Cyrano. Some points of interest include:

Only a Redoran Player will get everything out of this mod. However any race or House can also use it, since there are only two quests totally off-limits to non-Redoran PCs. And unless the Redoran NPCs dislike you, you will hear most of their unique dialogue.