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I learned how to fight with a sword, and I have become quite talented. I may never become a gread swordsmer like Lady Benoch, but I will give my best. I worked some time up there, but then I moved to Vivec for a change of scenery some years ago. Although I'm still just a lower ranking member, I finally found a place to call home and for me to be happy. And I always remember the last sentence in the book: When confronted with a wizard, close the distance and hit 'im hard.

Baurin, Vivec, Foreign Quarter

The Foreign Quarter of Vivec had been a long time in development. It was started and halted, rekindled for a partial release. We are pleased to offer the completed canton with unique dialog, new services and special quests created by a very talented team of writers. Its offerings are extensive:

As always, use LGNPC mods passively and let events unfold naturally. Many factors shape how an NPC will respond on any given topic. Some things you cannot control such as your gender, race and faction affiliation, but check in on them from time to time. Our NPCs react to the changes that occur in the wake of your travels throughout Vvardenfell. We hope that we give you a reason to visit more than once.