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I was very young when I was on the Pilgrimage of the Seven Graces. I remember marching through the Ghostgate, upright and proud as I approached the shrine just within the fence. After I worshipped at the shrine I was inspired and emboldened contemplating the greatness of the Tribunal. With the recklessness of youth I forged up its slopes with the intent of cursing upon the fane of Dagoth Ur from the rim of Red Mountain's crater.

Seryn Othralen, Vivec, Foreign Quarter

The Foreign Quarter of Vivec had been a long time in development. It was started and halted, rekindled for a partial release. We are pleased to offer the completed canton with unique dialog, new services and special quests created by a very talented team of writers. Its offerings are extensive:

As always, use LGNPC mods passively and let events unfold naturally. Many factors shape how an NPC will respond on any given topic. Some things you cannot control such as your gender, race and faction affiliation, but check in on them from time to time. Our NPCs react to the changes that occur in the wake of your travels throughout Vvardenfell. We hope that we give you a reason to visit more than once.