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Ald'ruhn offers the usual, our Guild of Mages here, the Fighters Guild nearby, a smith, an alchemist and apothecary and so on. You might want to check the entrance of Ald Skar. Our local bookseller, Codus Callonus lives there. He may not deal in Dwemer books but he sure has some interesting literature by various writers. If you search for really rare books you should travel to Vivec and try Jobasha's rare books at the Foreign Quarter.

Edwinna Elbert, Ald'ruhn

Adds 9 new quests to Tel Uvirith and gives unique dialogue to most every topic for 18 NPCs. As well as the Tel Uvirith NPCs, NPCs like Aryon and Divayth Fyr have new, unique dialogue, so it is usable by non-Telvanni PCs as well.