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That is a very popular story, one I have recited often. And true as well. In the days of Resadyn a Nord and Orc army invading Morrowind confronted a much smaller Redoran force guarding a critical pass. The Nords and we Redoran both knew they would win any battle by sheer numbers. So the Nords sent us a messenger saying: "You will die if we attack, and you know we will win. We shall give you safe passage if you will only surrender your arms." The Redoran commander simply replied, "Come and take them."

Virvyn Athren, PAX Redoran

Adds 9 new quests to Tel Uvirith and gives unique dialogue to most every topic for 18 NPCs. As well as the Tel Uvirith NPCs, NPCs like Aryon and Divayth Fyr have new, unique dialogue, so it is usable by non-Telvanni PCs as well.