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The Redoran Council, Redoran Manors, Morag Tong and fine merchants are all here Under Skar. As you exit the Manor District into the shopping plaza, you'll see the Temple to your left, the Ald Skar Inn and Council Club to your right, and a stairway straight ahead leading to South Gate. You'll find the Rat in the Pot club, Fighters Guild, Mages Guild and silt strider port over near South Gate.

Goras Andrelo, Ald'ruhn

Adds 9 new quests to Tel Uvirith and gives unique dialogue to most every topic for 18 NPCs. As well as the Tel Uvirith NPCs, NPCs like Aryon and Divayth Fyr have new, unique dialogue, so it is usable by non-Telvanni PCs as well.