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Well… actually, I guess I do. It's been a year now, and I really miss him. But I just can't live with him, if I'm going to make all the money and he's going to spend it all! It doesn't matter how much I love him, he drives me crazy! And he turns me into this terrible person, too! I'm nasty when he's around, because I'm just always so mad at him! I'm much happier now, missing him a little, but liking myself. You have no idea how terrible it is to be crotchety all the time and not be able to help it!

Assirari Zama-rasour, Maar Gan

Adds 9 new quests to Tel Uvirith and gives unique dialogue to most every topic for 18 NPCs. As well as the Tel Uvirith NPCs, NPCs like Aryon and Divayth Fyr have new, unique dialogue, so it is usable by non-Telvanni PCs as well.