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You know, that's a good question. There are so many people in Ald'ruhn who you would never think to talk to. Aside from all the famous councilors you can find Tuls Valen in the temple. I understand that there is a question regarding his right to be in charge of the Ald'ruhn chapter, or the alchemist in the Mages Guild is worth talking to. Usually Llether Vari, the enchanter, is the only merchant people care to mention, but if you want potions, he's no more useful than a smith.

Hassour Zainsubani, Ald'ruhn

LGNPC Soul Sickness Patch is for those players using LGNPC Pax Redoran, but for reasons of their own (mod conflict or personal preference) do not want the player to be susceptible to the symptoms of soul sickness introduced by Pax Redoran. It merely restores the original script attached to ash statues and prevents the onset of soul sickness in the player. This archive is intended for players that are using an older version of Pax Redoran. If you download LGNPC Pax Redoran version 1.12 (or later as future updates become available) this patch is bundled with the Pax Redoran archive and need not be downloaded separately.