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That woman, Vala Catraso, is teaching the locals how to read, and she is very popular around here. Only problem is, she doesn't have enough books. Sometimes some people whom we had never seen come in to borrow books, and never return. Sometimes an overenthusiastic student reads a book ten times a day, and by the time the book is returned it is all torn and worn. One thing is sure; she really needs more books if she is to continue teaching.

Anarenen, Ald'ruhn

This mod gives the LGNPC treatment to all of Morrowind's secret masters (master trainers with 100 in their skill). Some points of interest include:

43 NPCs, each one with his or her own back-story and personality. All 28 secret masters and 15 other related NPCs deliver unique dialog.

Adds 26 new quests, four new books, and one new robe. Each secret master now offers a quest either as an official quest or through a LGNPC mod.

Earn the legendary "Elixir of Life." Get your own Robe of the Psijic Order. Help establish a new Ashlander tribe... or have it crushed! Find an ancient Altmer who has lived since the 1st era, and knew Sotha Sil when he was in short pants. Train with a former Grand Champion of the Imperial City Arena. Talk to a crusader for Almsivi. Join forces with good-natured, elf-hating sociopath. Learn the Way of the Sword or the Way of the Bow.