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Well there isn't much here of consequence, other than the Halfway, that is. [She points in general directions while explaining.] Let's see... Seyda Neen is southwest of here, though it's even smaller than Pelagiad. Ebonheart is south of here, by the water. Vivec, the big town, is southeast. Hmm. Oh yes, Balmora is to the north. You walked all the way here, so I'm sure you know that we have none of those Striders or other means of travel.

Drelasa Ramothran, Pelagiad

Pelagiad is an Imperial fort and city on the Ascadian Isles, which we started to work on after our success with the LGNPC - Ald'ruhn mod. Now, after months of works, we're proud to present you with this mod, features of which include: