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Methel Seran is our venerable Temple priest. You may find the steward of the Guild of Fighters and the Guild of Mages in their guildhouses, which stand by the south gate. Fort Buckmoth is home to an Imperial Legion, as well as its associated cult - venture south out of the city to speak with the garrison leader or the cult priest.

Nathyne Uvelas, Ald'ruhn

This is a new mod and technically not complete. It is designed to make it possible to remove the noLore script from NPCs without having them say dialog that is inconsistent with their LGNPC personality. It only works for NPCs that are filtered for use with LGNPC NoLore (currently that is the Foreign Quarter and Khuul, but more to come). Additionally, it adds appropriate generic responses filtered for Khajiit consistent with their dialect. The latter will work in all towns, not just LGNPC towns.

IMPORTANT: LGNPC NoLore must load before any other LGNPC mod!