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You know who is a sassy one? That Aldi. Sure she's in a bit of a snit right know, but have a little compassion - her husband's gone missing. Soon she'll be past him and then ol' Brurid will make his move... after a respectable mourning period of course. Now don't you get any ideas of your own - I saw her first. I wonder if Thongar has any Telvanni bug musk?

Brurid, Khuul

On the surface, Khuul may appear a quiet fishing village, but its residents are full of life and ambition. Now that they have unique dialog be prepared to hear about it. On one extreme there is a busybody fishwife doesn't just talk about herself - she seems to have an opinion about all of her Khuul neighbors. And then there are others that have secrets that you will be at pains to discover. Use LGNPC mods passively and let events unfold naturally. Our NPCs are unique individuals that offer different points of view on the same topic. Don't be too quick to believe the first person that you talk to about a given subject. And check on them from time to time to see how they adjust to a changing world.