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The Telvanni wizard towers are all over the place nowadays... but most are illegal. Those Telvanni have no authorization or land contracts, meaning you are within your rights to raid and kill them as you please. House Redoran will thank you. House Hlaalu will not object. The Empire will not object. The Temple will not object. The Duke will not object and will probably secretly thank you. The only ones who will object are the Telvanni, and they know no one else will care.

Broder Garil, Indarys Manor

This part was created by one of our members, Ostar for his own game, but later he offered us to host it as an LGNPC mod, and so it ended up here. Nonetheless, it is up to par with the our 'official' mods. Some points of interest include: Unfortunately, the mod will only be truly usable by a Redoran Player.