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The term 'battle axe' includes all very heavy axes used two-handed. Most battle axes are double-bladed, but the Nordic battle axe has a single blade. The great mass and efficiency of the battle axe enables a strong warrior to penetrate heavy armor, but the battle axe is also a powerful shock weapon against massed, lightly armored opponents. That means we do not use it much in House Redoran, although Archmaster Venim was deadly with one.

Arvs Raram, Indarys Manor

This part was created by one of our members, Ostar for his own game, but later he offered us to host it as an LGNPC mod, and so it ended up here. Nonetheless, it is up to par with the our 'official' mods. Some points of interest include: Unfortunately, the mod will only be truly usable by a Redoran Player.