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You should. Everyone living or traveling in Morrowind must know it. Well, in short, Nerevar the Chimer King, and Dumac the Dwemer King, were close friends, until one day when the Dwemer discovered the Heart of Lorkhan, and a way to draw its power. Dagoth Ur found out about it, though Ra'Zhid doesn't know how, and told Nerevar of its existence. Dumac and Nerevar argued, and the war between the Chimer and the Dwemer began.

Ra'Zhid, Hla Oad

Unique dialogue for every non cloned NPC in Hla Oad (that means everybody except the guards). By now all the NPCs are as good as each other, and there is nobody we can recommend for a special chat.

There a few quests lurking in town, have a look around. If you happen to stumble across somebody who is feeling very upset, come back when you have the power to help them (leader of House Hlaalu), you might just be able to lend a hand.

Almost all of the NPCs will speak to you about the topic House Hlaalu, and you will receive a different response from each. However if you are a member of the House you get a second response, and if you are the leader, you get a third one. Not everybody will be pleased that you are one of House Hlaalu's rising stars however, so be careful who you choose to show off to.

The mod features a few cliched characters, such as a village drunkard, a repenting outlaw, and other for you to find, but we believe you'll have a kick talking to them as well.