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Well, if you are serious about that, don't look here. Expensive and inefficient are two words that sum up everything offered here. Try Ebonheart or Vivec, I usually stock up on everything I'll need for the next month or so when I'm down there to sell my fish scales, and only use local services in an emergency.

Anglalos, Gnaar Mok

Like the rest of the series, this mod contains unique dialogue for every NPC for every generic topic.

Features include, but are not limited to: a story telling NPC whom you have to impress progressively so she'll continue her story and a small social quest.

The guards don't have unique dialogue, the Camonna Tong are unfriendly, and House Hlaalu have people in the town. The Thieves Guild NPCs are keeping their membership quiet, as we think that if the Camonna Tong and Thieves Guild square up, there will only be one winner, so it makes sense to let sleeping dogs lie.

To get to Gnaar Mok, go west from Caldera, or get a boat from Hla Oad or Khuul.