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Now you are in my area. I know all the rumors of this town. I speak to everybody. Half the town is addicted to moon sugar, the other half are addicted to skooma, and the Camonna Tong are addicted to both. Glonagoth is trying to retire early by cheating the authorities. Claims he's been herding for years. And of course there's your stronghold over on the hill, that's causing quite a stir.

Fadila Balvel, Hla Oad

LGNPC - Dialogue Only mods are almost exclusive dialogue-based to minimize the possibility of conflict with other mods. They make no changes to existing objects and cells. LGNPC quest-related content, sometimes the source of mod conflicts, has been completely removed. What remains are less generic dialogue responses that help define an NPC's personality. For more information about the use of our mods, consult the readme file included in the archive.

Complete Package
LGNPC - Dialogue-Only, Merged

A merged version that combines all individual LGNPC Dialogue Only mods.

Separate Mods
Vivec Redoran - Dialogue Only Download
Vivec, Foreign Quarter - Dialogue Only Download
Pelagiad - Dialogue Only Download
Hla Oad - Dialogue Only Download
Maar Gan - Dialogue Only Download
Khuul - Dialogue Only Download
Seyda Neen - Dialogue Only Download